Ever wanted to make a bell target?

Ever wanted to build a target?


Drawing - front plate

If you want to have a go at making it then great - I can't guarantee that I have thought of everything so if you find any issues be forwarned!
The target drawings have been generated through a reverse engineered exercise from an existing target formally used by Barber & Nicholls Air Rifle Club - one of the founders of the Hinckley League.

Target Complete Front.jpg
Target Complete Rear.jpg

Drawing - rear plate

The images are taken from a 3D visualisation of the target model which is now complete. I am in the process of completing the drawings for the target as a whole.

Drawings have been exported to PDF files and can be downloaded by clicking on the links

Bell Target Engineering Drawings List

Drawing No. - Description - File Size
BT10001 - Target Plate - 41Kb
BT10002- Target Plate Fixing Assembly - 46Kb
BT10003- Back Plate - 34Kb
BT10004 - Hanger Bar & Brackets - 39Kb
BT10005 (A) - Reset Rod - 37Kb
BT10006 - Release Lever - 31Kb
BT10007 - Plunger - 36Kb